Introduction: Bengal Corporation is one of the fastest growing Industrial & Commercial Civil Construction Company in Bangladesh. Its major service is Infrastructure Development in modern system, especially Factory Construction, Multistoried Building, Road, Power & Water Supply, Gas & Energy related construction, Poultry and Agro firm design and construction by following the law, environment rules and all the code of conducts which set by the Government and Compliance Authorities. Beside these it also provides repairing and consultancy services in those mentioned service areas. Bengal Corporation always value the customer. Our enthusiast engineers and experts are implement your thoughts in to reality. We ensure the best quality of service in affordable and reasonable budget without compromise the quality and safety issues.

Our motto is – “Concept Plan; Robust Creation”.

You’re making a significant investment in your construction project. You should expect your commercial construction company to take the steps necessary to protect and enhance this investment. Every Bengal project in Bangladesh has put the following initiatives into place to proactively plan and build for quality:

  • Building Enclosure Coordination Program
  • Water Infiltration Prevention Program
  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Coordination Program
  • Site Specific Quality Planning
  • Quality Incident Reporting


Our job is first, and foremost, about our customers. Keeping our customers at the forefront helps us determine what project success really looks like, long before the first piece of construction equipment arrives on the jobsite.

This goes beyond cost, schedule and quality. It’s about relationships, innovation, efficiency, empowerment and learning. We work with our clients to uncover their expectations to reveal other pressures, challenges and concerns that face them in the process of building their project. Then, we respond by developing solutions and taking steps to address these needs, help achieve their goals and complete projects efficiently and safely.

An embedded culture of safety starts with ownership — leading by example. Starting with our CEO Mr. Mohammad Abdul karim (Dolon), to each and every one of our employee owners, a never-ending focus on safety is at the heart of what we do. Working closely with your team, Bengal’s full-time safety professionals will coordinate proactively with trade partners and industry experts to customize our approach to make sure we’re planning for safety on your commercial construction project each and every step along the way.

Safety is the highest priority for Bengal.

Enabling us to build a sustainable and socially responsible business, our approach is built on the following key principles: 

  • Ensuring our clients' needs are at the heart of everything we do
  • Providing a working environment that is safe, inclusive and engaging for our employees
  • Promoting equal opportunities and diversity in employment
  • Proactively and positively engaging with our business partners and the financial services industry
  • Treating our suppliers fairly
  • Minimizing the environmental impacts of our busines
  • Supporting the local communities, we work in
  • Improving communications
  • Enhancing collaboration
  • Streamlining decision-making
  • Delivering accurate pricing
  • Shortening schedules
  • Reducing changes in the field
  • Improving project safety and quality
Every project starts with an idea. And that’s when we start, too. Our preconstruction expertise provides reassuring predictability for you and your project. Before preconstruction begins, we seek to understand your business goals. Then, we work through the concept design stage together to define the project’s purpose, scope, features and functionality.